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Ulanzi BG-3 10000mAh Battery Power Bank Charger Hand Grip with Mini 18W PD QC Fast Charge for Smartphone DSLR GoPro 10/9/8/7/6/5

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    The point you must know :
      This product is a mobile power source. The battery capacity of the power bank refers to the sum of the power of multiple lithium batteries in the battery, which is the total capacity of the battery; the rated capacity of the power bank refers to the actual output power of the power bank to the electrical equipment, and For reasons such as conversion rate and self-consumption, the power of the power bank will be consumed to a certain extent during the output process (consumption is generally between 20% and 40%), so the battery capacity value is generally larger than the rated capacity.
      E.g:This BG-3 of power bank has a nominal power of 10,000 mA, but it can only provide 6500 mA. The 10,000 mA refers to the battery capacity, and 6,500 mA is the rated capacity.During use, there is 35% loss


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